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Rewire Coaching Explained

We balance a responsive approach to clients' needs with expert knowledge in identifying key transdiagnostic processes which affect wellbeing.

Transdiagnostic processes are issues that are not specific to a particular condition such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCD. They can be present across any condition and contribute to or exacerbate the symptoms of that condition.


We see a range of transdiagnostic processes as we work with clients. Identifying and addressing these factors can significantly reduce the symptoms of any mental health condition and help to deal with the root cause of said condition.

Examples of transdiagnostic issues include:

  • Self-criticism, guilt and shame (Schanche 2013)

  • Addiction (Wolitzky-Taylor et al 2016)

  • Biased attention (often associated with perfectionism)

  • Expectancy reasoning (fear-based thinking: what if…?)

  • Avoidence

  • Co-dependency (Harvey et al 2004)

  • Ruminative/obsessional thinking (Baer 2007)

  • Anger and resentment (Shadur & Lejuez 2015)

  • Safety behaviour driven by fear

Utilising a strong therapeutic relationship and a range of psychological approaches, we offer a safe space that empowers clients to address their needs.

Our coaches prioritise acceptance, empathy and respect within the therapeutic relationship. This coupled with connection, compassion and challenge enables the client and coach to collaborate to find solutions to problems or find acceptance, where there are no solutions. 


We listen - really listen - to your experience. We listen for root causes of pain, stress and confusion. We work together to increase your understanding of what’s happening in your thoughts and feelings, so that you can decide what you can do next.

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