Rewire your mind

Transform your thinking and feeling through the renewing of your mind.



We are growth focussed. This differs from some other therapists whose main aim may be to listen or reach a goal.


We are a team of Christian transformational life coaches combining the foundations of biblical principles with neuroscience; empowering you to live a life of freedom, trust and purpose.

"I experienced dramatic positive change in my life and marriage. Rewire's coaching is so practical and grounded in Biblical truth. I found myself understanding healthy life patterns in a way I was never able to before. I've embraced Godly change in my life!"

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Meditation Series on Hope

This series of 3 short meditations offers space for us to connect with God, and the hope that is only found in Him. They can be listened...

Advent meditation series

The theme of this year's advent series is encountering the Prince of Peace. This meditation series is an opportunity to connect with...

Online Boundaries course

A six-week course in developing healthy boundaries to help your relationships thrive! Do you ever struggle with: feeling life is out of...

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