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"Having worked with young people in a variety of settings – youth groups, schools, universities, churches, residentials, one-to-ones – I have always been motivated by seeing personal and emotional growth. I love to encourage and challenge people to be all that they can be, and have seen growth on small and large scales. Working on the Rewire Life Coaching team however, has been a rocket boost to my skills in developing people. Already with heaps of heart, I have added to that vast amounts of knowledge that has catapulted my desire to see people grow into reality. I passionately believe in helping people to help themselves, accepting them as they are, bringing truth in to their lives and seeing them take charge of their lives."

Her previous work has included running programmes to raise aspirations amongst disadvantaged young people in Nottingham, running a mentoring programme for teenage asylum seekers in London, working in secondary and primary schools and running youth groups. She now coaches from her home in Bath where she lives with her husband James and their two young children.
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