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“Working with clients, helping them to understand their internal world and then seeing them grow is the most rewarding work I do because people are being released to live a full and free life”.


After a successful 18 year career with Xerox and Canon, working at a senior sales level, Henry decided to branch out on his own using his extensive experience to help new and growing companies with their sales and lead generation. So, as Henry Ford Associates he works with directors and senior executives whose role it is to promote the products and services of the company. The result of the work carried out since 2009 has been to generate in excess of £25m worth of new sales.

It was whilst working with business clients that it became apparent that many people were struggling with their emotional health and wellbeing which was preventing them from living a full and fruitful life, thereby preventing them from achieving both personal and corporate goals. Approximately 10 years ago Dr Kara Lawman invited Henry to train as a life coach and since then he has worked with numerous clients to help them with their stress and anxiety enabling them to grow in their understanding of their own internal world. 

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