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Introduction to Mindfulness for Christians Online course

Are you interested in finding out how mindfulness could benefit you and those around you?

This six week online course will take you through the key principles and practices of mindfulness from a biblical perspective, and give you tools to build mindfulness into your own lives.

The course also covers how mindfulness positively impacts on relationships, our ability to set healthy boundaries, and our overall health and well-being. Each week you will be given a recorded mindfulness meditation to try out at home alongside a practical micro-practice which you can build into life on the go.

This course is dynamic, interactive and engaging. We’ll be balancing experiential learning with a scientific evidence-base.

Each course is comprised of a group participants and a trainer. Sessions take place via Zoom are an hour and fifteen minutes in length.

Our next course starts Tuesday 17th January at 7.45pm and will run weekly for 6 weeks thereafter (excluding half term 14th Feb). The course is priced at £90 for the six weeks.

Please email me if you’d like to know more and to book.

The trainer:

Jess Fisher is a Christian Mindfulness Trainer and Life Coach with Rewire Life Coaching. She was worked in the arena of emotional health and wellbeing for the past 19 years and is passionate about helping people understand that peace can be found even in the most stressful seasons of life. She has a Masters of Science in Mindfulness and Compassion and is an experienced trainer with a post graduate certificate in higher education.

‘Through my MSc studies I have gained a comprehensive knowledge of a range of western-secular based mindfulness practices. I have also studied the Buddhist origins of Mindfulness and have a deep understanding of how these have informed eastern mindfulness practices. My mindfulness courses are Christ-centred and rooted in biblical principles. A Diploma in Theology and Biblical Studies has equipped me to help Christians use mindfulness and reconcile with eastern perspectives, without compromising their faith.’ Jess Fisher


‘‘Jess is uniquely placed to deliver mindfulness training courses for Christians. She teaches with a real depth of knowledge and insight. Alongside her own practice in mindfulness, are many years of distilled wisdom, as a committed Christian. Drawing on this combination allows Jess to raise awareness of Buddhist Philosophy and its relationship with Mindfulness, whilst highlighting and exploring the differences to a Christ-centred approach, to which Jess holds strongly. Within her training course are many experiential opportunities of a range of mindful practices and a really helpful and comprehensive. Jess creates a safe, supportive and encouraging space for all participants to grow in mindfulness. At a time when there is increased interest in the benefits of mindfulness, alongside concerns, Jess is a real gift to the Christian community. "

(Aidan Lucas CEO ACCEPT, a Christian based mental health charity.)

‘‘Jess led the course worked really well, giving me the tools to create my own course from personal practice and the essential elements required. The course was interactive and Jess was responsive to the needs of the group. I came away feeling fully equipped to build mindfulness into my own life.’’

(Revd Sue Steer Baptist Minister and Pioneer Community Work

‘Jess is very knowledgeable in the field of mindfulness having studied it extensively. She is clearly skilled in helping a wide range of people understand and incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives. I would highly recommend her in any setting.’ (R Renshaw)

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