• Jessica Fisher

Meditation Series on Hope

This series of 3 short meditations offers space for us to connect with God, and the hope that is only found in Him. They can be listened to individually but they are best experienced as a series.

part 1

Hope in the Goodness of God

Exodus 33 shows us that the pinnacle of God’s glory is His goodness. This short meditation offers us space to connect with the hope that is found in the goodness of God.

part 2

Road to Emmaus

This short Kataphatic meditation is an opportunity to connect with God as we journey along our own Road to Emmaus. We take time to share our disappointment or deferred hope with God, and make space to receive His kindness and healing.

part 3

Eternal Hope

This short meditation, based on Romans 8, gives us opportunity to spend time meditating on the eternal hope that we have in Christ. Hope that is for now, as well as for eternity.

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