• Jessica Fisher

Online Boundaries course

A six-week course in developing healthy boundaries to help your relationships thrive!

Do you ever struggle with:

  • feeling life is out of control?

  • difficulty saying “no’?

  • difficulty in hearing “no”?

  • feeling guilty?

  • conflict at home?

  • resentment?

If so then this course is for you!

This six-week online course takes you through the key principles and tools for developing healthy boundaries. The course is informed by leading Christian psychologists Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, and will be facilitated by two of our expert Rewire Life Coaches, Rachael Kenward and Jess Fisher.

Each week will include foundational teaching on boundaries alongside small group sessions where the principles are applied to real life examples. We offer biblically based answers to questions of how to love well in a fast-paced and ever- changing culture.

On this course you will be given tools to set healthy boundaries with your friends, colleagues, family and even yourself! Thus, learning to love from a place of freedom and emotional health!

Each course is comprised of a small group of participants and two trainers. Sessions take place via Zoom and are at times and dates to suit you. This course is dynamic, interactive and engaging. We’ll be balancing experiential learning with a scientific evidence-base.

We will be running two courses starting February 2021:

  • Day course: Thursday 25th February 2021 at 1000hrs - 1115hrs. This course will run weekly until Thursday 1st April.

  • Evening course: Tuesday 23rd February at 1945hrs – 2100hrs. This course will run weekly until Tuesday 30th March.

The course is £90 for the six weeks. Please email Jess if you’d like to know more and to book.

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