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Healthy Relationships

Our distorted beliefs block us from our greatest human need and calling: to love and be loved. Injuries from our childhood, loss of freedom, guilt and shame, addictions, inability to accept an imperfect world, feeling powerless and from.


Rewire's six-session online course on building healthy relationships combines neuroscience research with Biblical principles, showing firstly; what healthy connection looks like, secondly; how to get to the root of attachment problems, and finally; tools to help us build healthy relationships.


If you are willing to grow, you’ll find this course, along with Boundaries and Living in an Imperfect World, will help you to love and be loved more deeply. You will be less stressed and experience more peace, freedom and joy whatever your circumstances.


Ideal for your own personal growth as well as for those involved in pastoral care. Purchase for yourself, a friend, a small group or whole church.

Healthy Relationships



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