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Online Christian mindfulness course

Are you interested in finding out how mindfulness could benefit you and those around you?

This online eight-week introduces Christians to the key principles and practices of mindfulness from a biblical perspective and provides tools to build mindfulness into daily life.

We’ll explore how mindfulness positively impacts relationships; our ability to set healthy boundaries and our health and well-being. Each week you’ll receive a mindfulness meditation to download and try alongside a practical micro-practice which you can build into life on the go.

Each course is comprised of a small group of participants and a trainer. Sessions take place via Zoom or Skype and are at times and dates to suit you. This course is dynamic, interactive and engaging. We’ll be balancing experiential learning with a scientific evidence-base.

Our next course starts Thursday 28th May at 1930hrs - 2045hrs and will run weekly for seven weeks thereafter. Please read on or email me if you’d like to know more and to book.


‘‘I’ve just finished the mindfulness course with Jess and it was brilliant. Jess is a great teacher and facilitator. She shares knowledge in a gentle and insightful way. The sessions are conducted in a small group over Skype and it works really well with each person able to share if they want to without pressure to do so. The sessions cover elements of teaching and practice mindfulness techniques. I would recommend these sessions for anyone who is interested in mindfulness but particularly for people who want to learn to become more connected with their emotional health and well-being, and who doesn’t think that’s a good idea?!’ Hannah

‘‘Jess is uniquely placed to deliver mindfulness training courses for Christians. She teaches with a real depth of knowledge and insight. Alongside her own practice in mindfulness, are many years of distilled wisdom, as a committed Christian. Jess creates a safe, supportive and encouraging space for all participants to grow in mindfulness. At a time when there is increased interest in the benefits of mindfulness, alongside concerns, Jess is a real gift to the Christian community."

Aidan. Founder of ACCEPT, a Christian based mental health charity.

“When I signed up to take part in the Mindfulness course as part of my life coach training, I had a very limited knowledge and understanding of what mindfulness practice was. After just week one of the course, I already felt that my understanding had increased as Jess articulately took us through the principles of mindfulness. She helped us understand what mindfulness is and how it can practically impact our everyday living. Jess uses a great balance of evidence-based learning alongside guided formal practice and micro-practice too. This approach is excellent meaning you could use your learning immediately after each session. This course has impacted me personally, learning how to use mindfulness for my own emotional well-being as well as applying the practice within the coaching context. I would highly recommend this course for its content and Jess Fisher as a course facilitator.’’


‘Jess is very knowledgeable in the field of mindfulness having studied it extensively. She is clearly skilled in helping a wide range of people understand and incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives. I would highly recommend her in any setting.’


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