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Confession, grace and acceptance

Each Sunday between now and the 22nd December we will send you a new meditation practice based on one of the themes of the Celtic antiphon prayers. Welcome to week two! Listen to week one's meditation here. Join our community here.

This week we are orienting our practice around our confession and Christ’s acceptance of us. In Celtic tradition, we are called to repentance during advent. Just as John the Baptist called the people to ‘prepare a way for the Lord’, so too, we are called to search our hearts and make way for Christ’s coming. This practice focuses on the verse: ‘The true light that gives light to all, was coming into the world’ (John 1). We are invited to let the true light of Christ shine on the areas of our lives where sin holds us back. In doing so, we can repent and receive God’s grace and reconnect with Him, free from guilt and shame.

Thank you to those of you who've shared your experience of O Come so far. Rosie said:

I felt God remind me that He is the word ('the word was God'), just like you read. So spending time in the word isn't 'just hearing from Him', it actually IS Him. And then the 'word becoming flesh' - just all reminded me again of the power of the Bible and the power of digging into it. The 'word WAS God' (& therefore IS God), not just from Him.

Julia said:

I loved centering on Jesus. It reminded me of when I used to throw pots on a wheel. The process of centering the clay on the wheel was vital in determining the symmetry of the final pot.

We would love to hear about your experience, so please feel free to send me an email with reflections following the practice or to share anything you feel God has spoken to you through this resource. We will then be able to summarise your responses to encourage our advent community as we journey together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alistair Goudie for composing the beautiful music that accompanies these practices. Subscribe to receive them in your inbox.

Listen to week one's meditation here.

We hope you enjoy.

With love and Blessings,

Jess and the Rewire Team

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